School Vision
‘We strive to ensure that everyone in the school community is equipped with the skills and knowledge to build the best relationships, enabling them to grow in confidence and happiness, so that they can achieve their full potential.’

School Motto
Aspire together, Achieve together!

We believe in the values of:

Responsibility – we should all take responsibility for ourselves and our learning as well as taking responsibility for others within our school and community

 – we will stand together and support each other to do our best for ourselves, the school and our community

Growth – we will nurture and support each other to grow and mature in our emotions, our health and our learning

Success – we will strive to succeed, be proud when we achieve success and readily celebrate the successes of others

• To develop motivated, resilient and independent learners
• To nurture positive relationships and effective partnerships within and beyond the school community
• To prepare all our learners for the next steps in their learning, whether that is in education or employment
• To promote excellence, equity and fairness for all; ensuring that the widest opportunities are available to our learners
• To instil creativity and self-confidence in all

Mr B Smith

Head Teacher

Mrs R Chandler Rogers

Depute Head Teacher

Mrs J Morrison

Depute Head Teacher

Miss E Henry

Depute Head Teacher

Mrs K Templeton

Depute Head Teacher (Acting)