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**D & G Library fun**
Our local library are trying to encourage schools, pupils and parents to become more involved in their D & G Libraries Facebook page.
Interacting and promoting pupils and schools is important for them, as a large part of their involvement with parents and children is early learning and family learning.
They have been working with some schools in Wigtownshire, and it has been a great success so far. They would now like to involve the whole of Dumfries & Galloway if possible.
It’s a great way to share fantastic achievements of our pupils with the wider community, and will also help pupils to gain self-confidence, build up their skills.
So far we have featured:
Robert Burns Day Poems
Topic work
Pupils, Parents and Teachers reading Bedtime Stories
Book reviews
Days of the Year
Authors Live
Stories can be sent in as videos to their FB page, parents have found this really useful and it seems to work well. Other things such as crafts, book reviews, topic work can be sent in the same way but as photos.